You want to buy a Property in Southwest Florida?

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Your Advantages When Buying with Wischis Florida Home

1. We can find the perfect home for you, not just in Southwest Florida but all over the Sunshine State.
We have known the real estate market for many years now and thanks to our experience and network we will find exactly the house, or luxury property that meets your expectations.

2. We guarantee the right price.
As soon as you choose a house in Southwest Florida, we will make sure you get it for the right price.

3. We make sure your purchase goes smoothly.
We are available to help you with all aspects such as procuring financing, purchasing, and closing of your new property. After the purchase, we will start with our tried and true Wischis Florida all around property management service.

In other words, if you can’t live in your Southwest Florida home year-round, we will take charge of renting it out to its fullest potential. To achieve that, we will rent it out internationally and manage it professionally.

The upkeep of your property in Southwest Florida will be handled by knowledgeable caretakers. Cleanliness is ensured by our reliable cleaning team.
We love Southwest Florida, we love real estate, we love happy homeowners

You can count on us.
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You Want to Sell Your Property in Southwest Florida?

You’re in the right place.

You own a house in Southwest Florida and are ready to sell it? Give us a call. Every day we receive purchase requests from qualified interested parties. We have the network and know-how to quickly find the right buyers for your property and to arrange a reasonable sales price.

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Here are a few examples of homes customers have bought with us:

Sunshine Beach
Treasure Island
Key West Sunset
Coconut Key
Paradise Dream
Summer Sunset und auch gebaut
Paradise Key
Sunny Island
Tropical Pearl
Happy Sunshine / Mango Bay