Marco WischmeierWischis Florida Home

Who is Behind Wischis Florida Home?

The namesake of Wischis Florida Home is entrepreneur Marco Wischmeier. Until he moved to Florida in 2011 the native Augsburger led a successful advertising agency in Germany. Early on, he fell in love with Florida and most family vacations were spent in the Sunshine State.

One day a life-long dream came true: Marco Wischmeier bought a vacation home in Florida for his family. Very quickly he found himself annoyed with the lack of care the home was receiving from the property management company he had hired. “There has to be a better way to do this,” he thought, and a new business idea was born.

There were many obstacles to overcome before he could finally move his family to Florida. Anyone who has ever met Marco Wischmeier knows he is not afraid of a challenge. “All or nothing”, is his motto, which has since proven very successful in Florida. After some back and forth with the United States Immigration Services, the entrepreneur eventually received the long-awaited permanent resident card for himself, his wife, and their daughter. Since then he’s been unstoppable and has put his vision of high quality and well cared-for homes into action.

“I guess I was probably born to be an entrepreneur,” says Marco Wischmeier. When it came time to choose the company logo he didn’t have to look far: he chose himself. Now his portrait not only adorns his website, business cards and stationery, but also the colorful Fiat 500s that have been seen cruising around Cape Coral and Fort Myers. Still, Marco Wischmeier is a team player: “Although I stood as the model for Wischi in our logo, at Wischis Florida Home our team comes first. My fantastic staff and their dedication is the reason why we are able to reliably provide the best service to our home owners and vacation guests alike.”