Vacation time, oh happy vacation time

Rain, sleet, snow – a big city somewhere in the Northern parts of the world. You tug your suitcases towards the airport – you are ready to escape. Your daughter is whining about cold feet, your son is jumping in every puddle, and your better half is making sarcastic comments about the constant grey of the sky.

Before you know it, your plane lands at Southwest Florida International Airport. The sun is so bright, you have to cover your eyes. The Beach Boys play in your head. Your son squeals with delight: “PALM TREES!”

The drive from the airport to your vacation home is an adventure in and of itself. The path leads you past a fantastic backdrop of tropical plants, canals, boats and elegant southern architecture. You take a deep breath and feel it in your gut: this feeling, this glorious feeling – it’s the incomparable Florida feeling!

When you finally arrive in the driveway of your Wischis Florida Home, your enthusiasm has spilled over to your entire family and excitement is in the air. Words from the backseat sound a lot like: “WOW – is that OUR vacation home?“ As you take your first look around the house, the sunlight spilling inside, the beautiful yard outside, you are very pleased with the home you chose. And what else do you see? Cleanliness, and it sure feels good.

A little while later: the kids are playing in the pool, you have taken over one of the lounge chairs, are sipping on an ice-cold drink and you’re thinking about what you could throw on the grill this evening. “Awesome vacay,” your daughter thinks. And it’s only the beginning of a wonderful Wischis Florida vacation.

Sound like a dream vacation?

Exactly! And you can make the dream come true. It’s your turn to finish this story. Rent a vacation home from Wischis Florida Home and experience what the Wischis Florida Way of Life is all about! It’s not as expensive as you may think!

Treat yourself to a piece of paradise. White sandy beaches and turquoise blue water. Visit Disney World and Miami, get a thrill from seeing alligators and dolphins, make shopping & dining your new hobby.

You’ve earned it, book Now!

Mieten Sie Luxusvillen im Südwesten Floridas
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Real Estate that makes you happy

You hold your breath while you anticipate the sound the cork makes when it pops out of the champagne bottle. While the moon rises above the palm trees a smile illuminates your face. No wonder, you’re thinking of the returns your property will eventually yield, which is as sweet as the key lime pie on your plate. You’re imagining how Wischis Florida Home will manage the rental of your dream home so that it pays itself off, while you’re doing your job in other parts of the world.

Beaches with guaranteed sunshine, fascinating nature all around, vibrant cities… everyone wants to go to Florida. So do you, and as often as possible. Those aren’t the only reasons you decided to invest here: low interest rates, a favorable exchange rate, a stable dollar. In the deciding moment, you realized that buying and renting out a vacation home is the most profitable in the Sunshine State.

Well done and cheers!